Employees’ Rights

Honest pay for honest work.  That is a basic principle of the American economy.  Unfortunately, some employers try to steal a little extra from their employees, by failing to pay them for all the hours worked, by mis-classifying employees as managers or independent contractors, by failing to allow legally-required meal and rest breaks, or by making unlawful deductions.

Employees in California are entitled to an itemized statement of their hours worked and a full explanation of any deductions, must be paid for all hours worked, including overtime hours at the proper rate of pay, and must be given specified meal and rest breaks every day.

Some employers illegally classify line employees as overtime-exempt “managers.” Some employers try to classify their employees as “independent contractors” to avoid having to comply with employee compensation laws.  If you have been improperly classified and paid as an independent contractor, but your job is really that of an employee, contact the firm to discuss whether you and others may have a right to compensation. Some simply fail to pay overtime rates, or pay at all for hours worked over the amount of time the employee is  scheduled for.

If your employer is committing any of these forms of wage theft, contact the Elliot Firm.