Civil Rights and Human Rights

Civil Rights are human rights. The Elliot Firm believes that all persons have the right to basic human dignity, to be treated fairly by their government and by the businesses they trade with, and by their fellow human beings. The Elliot Firm brings lawsuits to defend civil rights and human rights, whether those rights have been infringed by federal, state, or local government, publicly-held corporations, or private businesses and individuals.

The Firm is  currently investigating a large apartment complex that knowingly maintained an unsafe condition for its residents, which include substantial numbers of families with small children.

Mr. Elliot has brought legal actions defending rights to political asylum, prisoners’ rights to humane treatment, and and is currently involved in investigations into child labor violations by multi-national corporations.

In an appeal of the denial of an application for political asylum, Mr. Elliot prevailed in the opening brief to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals when the U.S. Department of Justice consented to a joint remand.

The Firm is currently investigating the alleged complicity of multinational corporations in the coffee and chocolate trade into child labor & supply chain violations of international law.

If you have been the victim of, or know of, civil rights violations or violations of international human rights norms by companies operating in the U.S., contact the firm.